Lively Paradox provides an unparalleled professional development experience for leaders. Our culturally responsive coaches honor leaders as people first and help them make the most impact without changing who they are


 Lively Paradox Keynote Engagements and Corporate Leadership Development

Leadership Development Sessions

Why: In industry, leading people is one of the few jobs people think you can do without any training. This is why we focus on the basics. We believe every leader can be great if the fit is right and if the basics of leadership are understood.

What: Understanding your leadership style, building team engagement, balancing empathy with drive for results, decision making, prioritization, transition from doer to leader, leading difference, executive coaching.

How: We help leaders make sense of all the leadership wisdom they’ve been given by first distinguishing the vast differences between managing things versus managing people.

When: Leadership level change (i.e. from middle management to senior leadership), new team set up, having operational struggles, or in need of an energy boost.

 Lively Paradox Keynote Engagements and Speaking Development for Trainers and Speakers

Professional Development Sessions

In education, at the end of every data point is a child. If we get this wrong, a person’s life can be negatively impacted forever. This is why a pillar of the Lively Paradox work is to provide professional development specifically for school leaders and administrators.

The sessions are focused on the Empathy First Approach and include:

  • Mission and Vision

  • Empathetic and Compassionate Leadership

  • Operational Excellence

When: Not quite sure if you need our help but you know you have a leadership issue?  Let's chat!




Nicole is certified in Lominger 360, Myers-Briggs, Fierce™, InsideOut Development™ and created the certification programs for Reality-Based Leadership™. She works with the best and brightest in the leadership development fields in academia, business and in non-profits.

The author of the best kept secret in the diversity and inclusion space, Lively Paradox: An Authentic Perspective on Diversity and Inclusion provides an honest conversation about how to embrace Nicole’s four key principles in order to succeed in work and life even when surrounded by a bunch of people who may not see the world as you see it.


Nicole has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from North Carolina A&T State University and Masters in Adult Education from Park University. She has been speaking to large audiences since she was five years old and all you need to know about that is she has -received standing ovations while delivering on seemingly benign topics like “change management.”

Audiences around the globe rave about her presentation style.


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