Lively Paradox: An Authentic Perspective on Issues of Diversity & inclusion

Does the word “diversity” conjure up any feeling for you? Have you been on the receiving end (or giving for that matter) of the persistent lying, crying and denying associated with traditional diversity and inclusion efforts? If so, then Lively Paradox is the book for you. This book provides practical advice and tools for improving your personal and professional relationships with all the “different” people in your life.

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Cultivating Culture 

"100% of leaders have the ability to be great leaders."

This book is a compilation of thought-leadership on creating true culture change in organizations.  In it, Nicole D. Price shares her revolutionary take on leadership and it's influence on organizational culture.  She asserts that all leaders have something "wrong" with them.  The key is to first focus on what's right and secondly, to make sure that the "what's right" is aligned to the right organization.



The Power of Seven Second Chances: Obtaining Success Without Firing the "Rest"

Co-authored with Dr. Ian Roberts

This book details the best of what can happen when leaders remove termination as an option.  methods for getting the best out of all members of your team.  This book is for every person who understands that there are reasons and causes uniquely worthy of our own personal leadership development - the people at the end of all those data points.

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