Brandy Thornton


As Chief Thought Partner, Brandy balances the brain of Lively Paradox with her reflective, methodical and practical approach. Brandy is a paradox herself - she has a background in chemical engineering, is an amazing educator, and is an ordained minister. She specializes in creating systems and processes that provide flawless program/event execution. Brandy is an expert at breaking down barriers and creating an atmosphere of cohesiveness within a culturally diverse environment.

She is the engine (or battery if you're into Teslas) of the organization. If you need our help, she's the one to know. Brandy can be reached at


Lisa Gunderson

Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 3.18.44 PM.png

Lisa is one of the best there is at transferring knowledge to adults.  She is a stellar trainer and facilitator for  organizations. Her focus areas are teaching professionals how to provide exceptional customer service, leadership development, improving team interactions using personality styles, and professional communication.

While she is one of the premier corporate trainers, she is also a subject-matter expert in family-run businesses.


Dr. Ian Roberts


Dr. Roberts is a turnaround specialist. He has worked mostly in urban educational environments. However, his seven strategies for turnaround are proven in business and industry settings where similar challenges exist. He co-authored The Power of Seven-Second Chances with Nicole and exemplifies empathetic and compassionate leadership.

His work history includes being a commissioned Army officer, law enforcement officer, K-12 teacher and principal, and Superintendent for St. Louis Public Schools. He is also a former Olympic Track and Field Athlete (2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia).


Dr. Tracey Nix


Dr. Nix is our resident researcher.  Her mantra? “In God we Trust, all others bring data!”In today’s data-rich, information poor environment, she helps clients make practical sense and use of historical site data and evidence-based research in order to deliver drastic outcomes in education. 

As an ordained Pastor and with higher education experience, she has merged her passions to successfully form partnerships between universities, communities outreach and faith-based organizations to increase educational outcomes for children in urban settings. She specializes in culturally responsive pedagogy.  


Jane Walton

Jane is described as an executive’s lifeline and as the “Obi-Wan Kenobi” of leadership advising. Jane Walton helps leaders simplify and proactively focus their efforts on sustainable long-term success. She has over 20 years of leadership and organization development experience. Jane is focused on making the workplace better by provoking thought, conversation and action. She is a trained professional and leadership coach helping individuals make changes that promote career satisfaction.

Jane is able to address serious workplace issues in a direct and positive way.